Children's transport: why is it good for a child?

Children's transport in all its modern diversity is able to solve one of the main parental problems: how to drag a child away from the TV or phone screen? Roller skates, a scooter or a bicycle make a walk in the fresh air a real pleasure for a child and at the same time help him develop. In this review, we will tell you more about how children's transport is useful and how to choose it correctly. In addition, below you will find links to all sections of the online store where you can buy a children's bike, scooter, balance bike or roller skates for a child in Estonia.

5 reasons to give your child baby transport

✓ Harmonious physical development. Riding a bicycle and other types of children's transport includes those muscle groups that are little involved in walking or running. Thus, skating helps the child to actively develop, strengthens his muscles, stimulates blood circulation.

✓ Development of the respiratory system. According to medical research, children who ride bicycles, scooters or other means of transport are less susceptible to respiratory diseases. The point is the natural training of the respiratory system during skiing, because during such physical activity the child breathes as deeply as possible.

✓ Prevention of myopia. A walk on any type of children's transport is also an exercise for the eyes, because the child actively trains the eye muscles when he looks around, checking if there are any obstacles in his path.

✓ Development of coordination, sense of balance and attentiveness. When riding a scooter, a bicycle or a balance bike, the kid needs to learn not to deviate from the course, to work harmoniously with his arms, legs and body, and also to constantly control the position of the body. All this contributes to the development of coordination, fine and gross motor skills, a sense of speed, and will definitely come in handy in the future. For example, a child who has learned to confidently use a balance bike can easily master a two-wheeled bicycle.

✓ Development of thinking and independence. Riding a scooter or a bicycle is not only physical activity. Transport, albeit a toy one, requires constant decision-making. How to choose the right speed for this type of terrain? Go around an obstacle or overcome it? The child learns to evaluate distances, his own and others' speed of movement, adapt to the terrain, calculate his strength, learn the basics of traffic and become more confident in his abilities.

Types of children's transport: what to buy for your fidget

What is better - to buy a children's bike, balance bike or scooter? We will understand the types of children's transport, the features of each of them and tell you how to choose a children's transport that matches the age of the child.

• Tolokar
The machine, sitting in which the child pushes off the floor with his feet. Suitable for toddlers who are just learning to walk. In case the child gets tired of pushing the car with his feet, a handle for parents is usually provided in the kit. Also, a similar design is used on tricycles for the smallest, so that the baby is interested and parents can help and control the movement.

• Balance bike
A balance bike differs from a scooter by the presence of a seat, and from a bicycle by the absence of pedals. From the ground here it is necessary to push off with two feet, and not one. You can ride this type of transport starting from the age of one and a half to two years - a light plastic inexpensive balance bike is suitable for this, and for an older child it is worth buying a model with chamber wheels. Compared to a bicycle, a balance bike is safer and easier to control: there is less chance of falling and breaking your knee. Another advantage of a balance bike compared to a bicycle is that it weighs less. And for a mother or grandmother walking with a child, this is an important factor.

• Bike
This classic type of children's transport is still popular today - especially since a huge variety of children's bicycles is now on sale. Velobike especially well develops the coordination and muscles of the child's legs, because for riding it is necessary to pedal, steer and assess the environment at the same time. This is also a good way to correct and prevent children's flat feet, since the presence of pedals contributes to the development of both legs of the child. You can buy a children's tricycle with a handle for a parent for a very small child - it can replace a regular stroller.

• Kick scooter
A child can use this type of transport already at the age of two. There are three-wheeled and two-wheeled scooters. The more wheels, the more stable the structure. For kids under 4 years old, simple models of 3-wheel or 4-wheel scooters are suitable. A child over 4 years old can buy a children's scooter with two wheels, which allows you to ride faster and more agile, and also helps develop coordination and driving skills. A stunt scooter for children can be purchased for a child with a developed

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