Stunt scooters are designed specifically for challenging jumps and stunts. They differ from classic city or street models in a set of technical and design features.

Stunt scooter selection guide

Stunt scooter: design features

  1. Lack of folding mechanism. A folding scooter is, of course, convenient. But the simpler the build, the more durable it is. And for a stunt scooter, which has many challenges to endure, the durability is the most important quality.

  2. Reinforced frame with welded seams. The main frame can be made of aircraft grade aluminium, which is durable and lightweight. The elements that are subjected to the greatest load (frame, bushing) are made of even stronger materials - steel or titanium.

  3. Small wheels with a high degree of stiffness. Scooters with a large wheels are designed for the long rides and a smooth motion. For stunt models, durability, stability and lightness are important. All this is provided by wheels with a diameter of 100-125 mm. The standard material for them is polyurethane foam. However, some manufacturers equip their models with a larger rubber wheels. Optimum stiffness of the stunt scooter wheels is from 84A.

  4. Non-slip and non-removable grips. The harder and more prominent the grips (steering wheel pads), the more confidently the hands are on the steering wheel. They should not be slippery or removable, otherwise it is fraught with injury!

  5. Quality bearings. This detail directly affects the speed and quality of the ride. According to reviews on the stunt scooters, the most reliable are bearings of class 7 and 9.

The most famous manufacturers of the stunt scooters nowadays are Tech Team, Xaos, Ateox, Razor, Fox Pro, JDBug.

How to choose a stunt scooter

  • The weight. The average weight of a stunt scooter is 3-4 kg. For beginners, lighter models are most suitable: it is easier to master the basics on them. Experienced riders choose heavier models that allow for higher speeds.

  • Wheels. Wheel size also depends on the rider's experience and riding style. It is most convenient for beginners to master tricks on models with 100-110 cm wheels. They are more stable, although slower than those with a diameter of 110-125 mm. This is an option for more experienced riders. There are scooters with plastic and metal rims in the wheels. Plastic discs are softer and lighter - they are more suitable for beginners. Experienced riders tend to choose metal ones.

  • Steering wheel. The lower the handlebar, the easier it is to jump, but it increases the load on the back. The height of the steering wheel is best matched to the one’s height. For a comfortable ride, the handlebar should be slightly below waist level. For example, with a height of 155, the optimal handlebar height is 55 cm.

  • Deck. This part of the scooter should be covered with a rough or ribbed skin to prevent the foot from slipping. The width and length of the deck depends on the rider's preferences, but the optimal size is one in which both feet fit on the deck, and the toes and heels protrude beyond its edge by no more than 4-5 centimetres. The bottom of the deck should be flat.

  • Quality. The ideal stunt scooter has a simple, non-folding structure and is made of good, durable materials. If aluminium or plastic is used, this material must be of the highest grade.

  • Price. Which stunt scooter to buy: expensive or cheap? To begin with, you can buy a cheaper model, which you do not mind “destroying”, honing your first skills. In case of progress, you can purchase a professional model on which it is more pleasant and safer to do complex stunts. Prices for stunt scooters should not be too low, as the safety of the rider largely depends on the quality of the construction.

Street or park?

In order to buy a good stunt scooter, it is important to consider not only one’s height, age and experience in this sport, but also the riding style. It all depends on where the rider plans to learn the stunts - in a skatepark or on the street.

  • Street stunt scooter. With a relatively light weight, such a scooter should be as durable and reliable as possible, because it will face colossal loads. The classic scooter for stunts in the city is a model with a high handlebar, small hard wheels (100-110 mm). These parameters allow for maximum durability and maneuverability.

  • Skatepark scooter. For specially equipped skateparks, a heavier model with 110-125 mm wheels is suitable (in order to be able to accelerate quickly). However, the choice of wheel size ultimately depends on the rider's preference. The shape of the steering wheel in these models is usually Y-shaped.

The best stunt scooters for beginners are medium models that allow you to ride both in the park and in a city environment.

Which stunt scooter to buy now?

For our catalogue, we have selected reliable and high-quality models of stunt scooters from well-known manufacturers. One such example is the Raven Evolution Slick Series scooter, frame of which is exceptionally strong and lightweight thanks to its unique aluminium and steel alloys. The carbon steel steering wheel allows you to perform the most difficult stunts, including turns around its axis. And the triple-mount steering ring provides incredible driving dynamics.

Scooters of the Evolution series are characterized by wheel stiffness ideal for stunt scooters (88A). The bearing class on all models of this series corresponds to the ABEC-9 type, which gives another plus to the advantages of the Raven Evolution Slick Series scooters.

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