Wooden Toys

Ecological and developing wooden toys. Wooden toys are gaining popularity because they give the child the feeling of a natural material, have a developmental effect and look natural. We offer wooden toys for kids in different ages and in different categories.

Large selection and low prices. A total of over 2,000 different wooden toys are available. Deliveries every week.

We are the largest seller of wooden toys in the Baltics. The following brands were selected:

Berg, Classic World, John, Masterkidz, Smoby, Tooky Toy, Viga Toys, Woopie and more.

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  • Wooden cubs

    Various blocks, constructors, cubes and other wooden toys consisting of several different elements.

    Wooden play elements of different shapes from which any structures and compositions can be built.

    The selection includes only high-quality wooden toys from well-known manufacturers. The goods are certified, safe and ecological.

    Buy wooden blocks from the ergohiir.ee e-store - fast deliveries and the largest selection in the Baltics!

  • Wooden kitchen toys

    Wooden toys - kitchen accessories and other elements related to the kitchen. High-quality wooden toys - small kitchen accessories, fruits and vegetables, kitchen appliances and furniture - all made of high-quality wood and safe.

  • Educational wooden toys

    Educational toys made of wood - musical instruments, interactive games, pyramids, writing and drawing supplies and much more. Educational and ecological toys at low prices. Big selection and fast deliveries! High-quality wooden toys.

  • Wooden puzzles

    Puzzles of different shapes and types. Big and small, different complexity and color.

    High-quality and eco-friendly, it will be great to keep your children busy for a long time.

  • Wooden arcade toys

    Various small wooden toys for easy and casual fun.

  • Railroads and trains

    Wooden railways and trains - ecological and high-quality toys

    Entertaining toys in the form of trains or railways. Individual items or complete sets available. All trains and railways are made of wood.

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