What to buy a child: balance bike, scooter or bicycle?

Balance bike?

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A balance bike safely teaches a child to keep balance. This is its advantage over a bicycle - both two-wheeled and three-wheeled.


The balance bike assumes the activity of the child during the entire walk. Therefore, it can be more difficult with him at long distances.


3-wheel bikes


The tricycle is convenient for parents. It can be used as an alternative to a stroller (for babies from 1.5 to 3 years old). All modern models, as a rule, are equipped with a hood and a handle, which can be detached when not needed.

A small child can even take a nap while riding a tricycle thanks to the stable backrest, seat belts and anti-slip restraint.


A tricycle is too stable, and it can be difficult for a child to learn a “real” bike after it, even though he develops leg muscles well.

Kick scooter?



This is a transport for older children (from four years old). It is light, agile and offers more room to improve your riding skills. The handle of the scooter can be extended according to the growth rate of the child.


Firstly, you can only ride a scooter on good roads with a dense surface - you won’t be able to ride on the ground.

Secondly, when riding a scooter, the leg with which the child pushes off works better. Therefore, during long-term skiing, it is advisable to periodically change the supporting leg. However, the danger of uneven load while riding a scooter is exaggerated. Even if the child does not change the supporting leg, this activity will bring much more benefit to his health than, for example, sitting still in the classroom. While riding a scooter, the child constantly changes the position of the body and uses different muscle groups.

So what to choose anyway?

There are recommendations for which age type of transport is more suitable, and they should be guided by. For example, a 5-year-old tomboy will no longer be interested in a balance bike - this transport is designed for younger children.

Buying a balance bike for a child is worth it if you plan to transfer it to a two-wheeled bicycle or other means of balancing in the near future. A balance bike is also suitable if the baby is active enough to ride independently during the entire walk.

When the child reaches an age suitable for mastering a scooter or a two-wheeled bicycle, it is worth giving him the opportunity to try both modes of transport. Self-selection will give the young rider even more joy from the process of riding!

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