Kids and stunt scooters

Stunt scooters with discounts up to 50%

Kids scooters and stunt scooters with best quality and prices. Own stock, fast delivery!

Check our blog post about stunt scooters and how to choose one for yourself LINK

Read more about how to choose the right scooter for kids here.


  • Stunt scooters

    Stunt kick scooters sale up to -50%

    Looking for the best stunt scooter to buy? 

    You can find the best selection of high-quality stunt scooters from us. Scooters are one our main product and we know everything about them. Most models are immediately in stock or available with short delivery time.

    In our store, you can find both professional and entry-level models from high-quality and well-known manufacturers. Such as: Blunt, Ethic, Raven, Core, etc. Complete models as well as parts and accessories are on sale.

    We offer stunt scooters for riding in the park and on the streets, as well as universal models.

    Stunt scooters are specially designed for complex jumps and stunts. They differ from classic city or street models in a number of technical and design elements. The frame is reinforced and there are no folding parts.

    Read from blog how to choose stunt scooter.

  • Kids scooters

    Kick Scooters with discount up to -40%

    High-quality scooters for girls and boys at affordable prices. The goods are always available in stock. Our selection includes scooters from various manufacturers: Razor, Raven, Tempish, Hudora, etc.

    Reliable kick scooters with high quality components with ABEC9 bearings. Selected models, bright colors. Both models with larger wheels (200mm) and smaller ones (100-145mm) are available. Folding scooters with shock absorbers and pneumatic tires also available.

    We are the official representative of the Raven scooter manufacturer in Estonia. All models are available. It can also be picked up on the same day either from our warehouse at Paavli 5/1, Tallinn or by courier to your home.

    Prices from 49 EUR.

    Buy the best scooter here - fast and cheap delivery!

  • Scooters for adults

    Adult scooters are suitable for older kids aged 8-10, teenagers and adults.

    As a rule, such models have wheels of a larger diameter - over 150-200mm, a solid frame and a higher steering wheel (adjustable or not).

    In our store, there are models of scooters for adults from various manufacturers, including Razor, Hudora, Raven, etc.

    We get scooters directly from manufacturers. That is why we can always offer our customers the best prices. The shop always has several options for the most popular scooters in stock.

  • 3 Wheel Scooter

    3 Wheel Scooter - High quality, selected and tested scooter models from reliable manufacturers. Suitable for smaller children from the age of 2.

    Models with LED wheels, high-performance bearings and soft rubber wheels. The product is always in stock!

  • Ripsticks
  • Trampoline scooter,...

    The trampoline is a universal training tool instead of a trick bike. Ideal for practicing tricks indoors and also on the trampoline.

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