Playgrounds and playhouses

Children's playgrounds and playhouses


  • Inflatable swimming pool

    Inflatable pools of various sizes. Great fun for the whole family on a hot day on the terrace or on the lawn!

  • Frame pool

    Larger pools with a frame - high-quality pools for the garden at super prices!

  • Creative play table
  • Slides

    Slides for children: Smoby, Little Tikes, BIG, FEBER and others. High quality and safe slides with the best prices and fast delivery times. A large selection, different sizes, colors, materials and shapes.

  • Garden houses

    Playhouses in the yard or garden for every taste, big or small. Smoby, Little Tikes, Injusa, Feber, Woopie and others.

    High-quality playhouses in various sizes and shapes. Small and large two-story playhouses with various accessories at the best prices and fast delivery times.

  • Games with water

    Tables and courts for playing with water. AXI, BIG, FEBER, INJUSA, Woopie, Smoby Little Tikes, Classic World and other game tables at great prices!

  • Inflatable playgrounds

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