More about ergonomic computer mouse:

For those who constantly work with computer, the mouse is a necessary attribute. But do not think that all mice are exactly the same and safe. Today, in addition to conventional laser mice, there is also an ergonomic one. You may have already heard about their existence, but let's see what the difference is.
Hand position when using a vertical, ergonomic mouse

A non-ergonomic mouse is only suitable for short-term use.

Prolonged and frequent use of a conventional mouse can cause discomfort and harm your health. Due to muscle tension, it causes pain in the wrists and forearms. If you continue to use the wrong mouse, it can lead to serious illness such as carpal tunnel syndrome ("hand tunnel syndrome").

The reason for this damage is that a non-ergonomic mouse does not allow the hand to move naturally, as seen in the picture above. The forearm is skewed, which in turn leads to constant muscle tension and poor joint health.

The ergonomic mouse is designed for frequent and long-term use, and working with it is harmless to your health!
When using a vertical mouse, the hand is always in the neutral position:

Рука в нейтральном положении работа с эрогономичной мышкой

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If you use a simple computer mouse, and the time spent working on the computer is more than 20 minutes, then the following consequences are possible:

  • hand joint pain
  • burning in the hand
  • numbness and tingling of the first three fingers
  • weakness
  • inability to make a fist
  • deterioration in mobility

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