What to look for when choosing a children's scooter for a boy and a girl:

If you do not take into account the technical details, then of course children are attracted by the bright color and print on the scooter.

We try to offer noticeable and beautiful scooters with interesting colors so that the child always has fun riding a scooter and this purchase lasts a long time.


Of course, strong and reliable equipment is also important for the long life of the scooter. Here are the main points to pay attention to:

Height - Folding scooters with 145mm wheels are recommended for children ages 3 to 7. Larger folding scooters with 200mm wheels are recommended for both adults and children, from about 115cm tall (children aged 5+) to 180cm tall.


Handlebar Height Adjustment – ​​Pay attention to models with height adjustment. Thanks to several levels of handlebar adjustment, the scooter will “grow” with the child and will last for several seasons.

Platform Reinforcement (also known as a deck) - It's best to look out for scooters with a reinforced platform. All RAVEN scooters have longitudinal reinforcements on the underside of the deck, which significantly increase the strength of the scooter - this is one of the main features that distinguish RAVEN scooters from competitors.

Wheel size – The most popular wheel sizes for recreational scooters are 145mm and 200mm. Scooters with 145mm wheels are ideal for children from about 3 to about 7 years old. The scooter is safer due to the lower height of the platform from the ground, so the child is less tired. The 200mm wheels handle bumps better and allow you to reach higher speeds than scooters with 145mm wheels.

Wheel material - in folding scooters we distinguish between the 3 most popular types of wheels: PVC, rubber and air-inflated wheels. PVC wheels are stiff, can be noisy, often have trouble rolling over bumps, their only advantage is their low price. There are no such scooters in our assortment. Rubber wheels are the most commonly used wheels in scooters. They are suitable for driving on surfaces with numerous irregularities. On the other hand, inflatable wheels are ideal for people who want to keep the feeling of vibration to a minimum, and the bump compensation will be much better than scooters with shock absorbers.


One of the main elements in the design of scooters are wheel bearings.

Since the bearings differ in the ABEC system, the higher the ABEC index, the better the rolling coefficient of the wheel and the easier it will be to ride a scooter.

We mainly offer scooters with ABEC9 bearings, usually in the market they sell scooters with ABEC5 or ABEC7 bearings.


Platform or deck width - scooters with a wider platform are safer for the child, it is easier for the child to put his feet on the platform while moving.

The weight of the scooter - the smaller the weight, the easier it is to ride, which is especially true for children. We try to offer lightweight children's scooters and the average weight of scooters with wheels with a diameter of 145 mm is only about 2.6 kg, so, despite the additionally reinforced platform, they are one of the lightest and most rigid designs.

The ability to fold and carry the scooter is a useful feature when you want to enter a store, bus, subway, or just pack it in your luggage.


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