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Tempish Wox Lady inline skates Size 41 Pink
  • Tempish Wox Lady inline skates Size 41 Pink

Tempish Wox Lady inline skates Size 41 Pink

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WOX LADY roller skates are classic in-line skates for fitness skating designed for both beginners and advanced skaters.

The medium-high construction provides skaters with a firm anchoring of the foot in the skeleton and certain control of the skate.

The double construction of the liner with a removable complete inner boot is very comfortable and allows quick drying after riding and cleaning if necessary. (The liner can be rinsed in clean lukewarm water.)

In the area of the Achilles tendon, the liner is softer for more comfortable skating.

Tightening of the skates with classic laces and Velcro instep strap for fixing the foot firmly in the skeleton. The upper part of the skeleton is tightened by a strap with a micro buckle.

Lady‘s roller skates designed for recreational fitness and conditioning skating. The wheels of the CATCH series show standard wear when driving, depending on the quality of the surface, the driving style and the weight of the user.

Level of optimal sport loading: 2.

Axle: outer diameter 6mm, length 27mm.

Size: 37-42

The length of the innersole:
Size: 37 - 23,0 cm

Size: 38 - 23,7 cm

Size: 39 - 24,3 cm

Size: 40 - 24,8 cm

Size: 41 - 25,7 cm

Size: 42 - 26,5 cm