Newborn baby crawling track (track by Glen Doman)
  • Newborn baby crawling track (track by Glen Doman)
  • Newborn baby crawling track (track by Glen Doman)
  • Newborn baby crawling track (track by Glen Doman)
  • Newborn baby crawling track (track by Glen Doman)

Newborn baby crawling track (track by Glen Doman)

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Crawling track for accelerating the development of newborn

We are talking about the so-called track, which was described in detail by Glenn Doman in the book “Harmonious Development of the Child”. In fact, the device is a "chute" with fenced sides, along which the baby learns to crawl forward, without deviating to the sides and without moving in a circle.

This design tells the baby the direction, saves his strength and controls movement. In addition, the track allows you to protect the child from drafts and collisions with furniture or animals, especially if the structure is installed on the floor.

The advantage of this track is that it can be easily carried from place to place and even transported in a car over long distances. Whatever trip you plan, you will always have a convenient and compact track at hand for crawling and developing your child's primary motor skills.

Read more about the track on our blog.

Dimensions: length - 120 cm, height - 16 cm, width - 41 cm

Experts recommend keeping the trail on a slight slope until the child learns to crawl on the floor independently and confidently. The main thing is to choose an angle of inclination that does not allow the baby to simply slip down, does not frighten him, but only pushes him slightly so that he can move under the influence of his own weight and gravity.

It takes time, tools and special skills to make a crawl track on your own. You don't have to worry about that, because you can order a ready-made crawler track from our company.

  • We guarantee high-quality materials and work, as well as exact compliance with the design requirements calculated by Glehn Doman.
  • All materials used on our track have passed a quality test. The track is based on wood.
  • The surface is covered with a modern and safe material that is similar to eco-leather, but has better properties and has been developed in Sweden for medical use. This material can be disinfected with alcohol-containing substances without affecting the shelf life. The material also has an Ecotech environmental certificate.
  • The material is soft and pleasant to the touch. Your baby will be happy to make his first movements on our track.